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Hi, I’m Tanith.

I'm thrilled to welcome you to Black & Gold Barbershop Torbay, your go-to destination for exceptional grooming experiences.

My journey began in the vibrant landscapes of South Africa, where I formed a passion for the art of hairstyling. Fast forward 23 years, and I now proudly call Aotearoa home, living in Torbay with my Kiwi partner and two incredible kids.

At Black & Gold Barbershop Torbay, I aim to nurture relationships, build trust, and deliver impeccable guidance. Whether you're seeking expert advice or indulging in premium products, rest assured that your satisfaction is my top priority. I am to create a warm and welcoming environment for each guest who steps into Black & Gold Barbershop Torbay.

My commitment to sustainability is an ongoing journey, and I'm actively striving to incorporate eco-friendly hair products into our offerings, each thoughtfully sourced from New Zealand and Australia to reduce our footprint on this precious planet. Every product used at Black & Gold Barbershop Torbay is sourced responsibly and is free from animal testing.

Thank you for considering Black & Gold Barbershop Torbay as your vegan barber destination. I'm excited to help you not only look great, but feel confident too.

Tanith Carrington, Founder & vegan Barber, Black & Gold Barbershop

Curelty free, vegan barber

What's not to love?